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Fast Dinner idea

It’s the time of year where we’re all trying to get outside and enjoy as much sun as possible. But it can be hard to find a quick, easy dish that is healthy and delicious. Less is more when it comes to weeknight dinners you can put on the table in less than thirty minutes. With a little pre-planning and some quick dishes, there’s no reason why dinner should ever take longer than that! Here are some no-brainer ideas to try tonight.

  1. Make a salad with fresh vegetables and protein (chicken, shrimp, steak). Consider adding dinner rolls or even soup from fresh farmer’s market veggies for a delicious, fast, and healthy meal!
  2. Pasta is always an easy go-to meal – make it with spaghetti squash instead of pasta noodles for a gluten-free/low-carb option. Serve your pasta meal with salad and breadsticks for a complete meal.
  3. Take advantage of the grill outside by grilling up some burgers or chicken kabobs, make extra chicken to use for meals throughout the week like homemade BBQ chicken pizza.
  4. Use your crockpot to cook up some chili or slow cooker ribs in the morning so you can have it for dinner that night. This is a great option if you’re spending all day outdoors. There’s nothing like a nonstop busy day at the beach and coming home to a hot dinner waiting for you!
  5. Cook a pot roast on Sunday night and eat leftovers all week long!
  6. Make some healthier versions of classic comfort food like macaroni and cheese, pizza, or lasagna by using whole wheat flour instead of white flour or by replacing regular ground beef with lean turkey meat.


You don’t need to be a master chef or have tons of time on your hands. These recipes are easy and fast, so you can enjoy the outdoors more without worrying about what’s for dinner! If you really don’t want to worry about dinner or lunch, stop into Suzy’s Bar and Grill and let us do the cooking for you! No matter what time of day or day of the week you find yourself craving some pizza, chances are, Suzy’s Bar and Grill is open! Enjoy our delicious pizza for lunch or dinner, seven days a week. Plus, our late Night Menu after 9 pm features pizza and plenty of other appetizers to choose from. We’re also proud to showcase our wide variety of live music, artists, and acts. Be sure to check out our Events Calendar for our fantastic lineup, also including trivia, bingo, and more. Enjoy food and drink specials every day, too! Visit us online and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!