Musician Playing Guitar

The connection between our sense of taste and smell is already well known. The way we perceive our food to smell is directly connected to and impacts how it tastes. But, did you know that sound and music can also impact your sense of taste? Studies have shown that pairing music and food together ultimately helps to enhance your dining experience. Just like pairing a good red wine with a steak amplifies the flavor profiles of each item, music - especially live music - can affect the way our brains perceive taste and “elevate [a] dining experience, personalize it, and create a lasting impression.”


All a restaurant needs to be successful is good food, right? Not quite. A common theme in food reviews is the restaurant’s level of “atmosphere.” This is a component that can help it turn from good to great. A large part of what builds an atmosphere is music or surrounding sounds. The selection of music plays a part in how the restaurant feels when people walk in or spend time there. A hotel restaurant is likely to have music that condones business meetings and productivity whereas a motorcycle bar may have something that promotes casual conversation and positive vibes. Live music improves atmosphere greatly, creating a unique dining experience that feels natural. Non-live music tends to be easier to ignore or tune out while its counterpart leaves an impression that goes beyond and lasts longer than the meal.

Emotional Connection

For most of us, certain songs carry a special memory or feeling. Whether it's the song from your prom night or a song your mother used to like, there is no doubt that it's easy for us to associate music with things and events in our lives. Involving more senses beyond taste will have a greater impact on the meal.

Sound and Taste

Sound has the ability to impact our sense of taste. In a study about sound and marketing, consumers found that the crunchier the potato chip, the tastier it was. Researchers argued that the audible sounds they produced as they ate impacted their perception of how the product tasted. This further confirms that noise and music can enhance our experience as we eat. In fact, this idea has inspired chefs to create “sonic menus” to accompany their customers as they dine. One restaurant in Los Angeles, Vespertine, includes certain musical tracks for before, during and after the meal. All of this, according to their head chef, is to “enhance and augment the dining experience, not distract the customer.”

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