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Ring in the spring and summer with some happy-hour cocktails! With the warm weather, shorts and sandals, and the carefree atmosphere, there’s nothing better to enjoy the warmer temperatures than a cold, refreshing cocktail. New cocktail trends shape the tastes and sips of the summer each year, and if what we’re seeing tells us anything, then this summer will surely be a great one!

Here’s an exclusive look at what we’re predicting to be the biggest cocktail trends of the season, so you know what to expect to drink this spring and summer: 

  • “Guilty Pleasure” Cocktails. Social media, particularly TikTok, has driven many people back to simple drinks that fall a little bit more into the “guilty pleasure” category. Think creamy espresso martinis or even a simple “Dirty Shirley”— a Shirley temple with your spirit of choice. And while these simple drinks are easy for bartenders to make, expect to see some elevated versions, which allow bartenders to insert some creativity and personality into your drink!
  • Skinny Drinks. If you’re limiting your calories or watching your figure this season, no worries! There are still plenty of “skinny” drinks you can indulge in that are delicious and low in calories. Try a skinny margarita without sour mix, an Aperol Spritz, or a simple vodka soda with a bit of fresh fruit juice.
  • Twists on Classics. Bartenders everywhere are trying out modern twists on classic cocktails, resulting in exciting yet delicious drinks you can get almost anywhere. Some of our favorites are gin-based margaritas, tequila martinis, and Negronis, with added spirits for some extra kick.
  • Agave. Agave-based cocktails are best in the warm months, and they’re certainly not going anywhere this season. Tequila and mezcal sales are higher than ever, so expect to see and drink a lot of margaritas with tequila or mezcal and fresh Palomas. We also expect a resurgence of rum-based cocktails, including mojitos and frozen daiquiris.

  • Martinis. Inflation has affected almost every market aspect, and we see that in alcohol sales. As such, many people are looking for drinks to get the most bang for their buck– if you’re spending $20 on a cocktail, you might as well, right? Because of this, martinis are rising in popularity for their high alcohol content and lower price tag. Try a gin or vodka martini, dirty martini, or espresso martini for a drinkable yet affordable cocktail.

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